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Buy or Sell Equipment

Buy or sell oil & gas equipment using the most trusted international equipment broker

International Oilfield Equipment Brokers (IOEB)

IOEB sources and sells all types of oil & gas equipment for all types of applications, budgets and customers.

We source new, unused, refurbished and used equipment for our customers from our extensive online database of Surplus equipment from Western Canadian oil & gas companies as well as from energy companies, manufacturers and fabricators all over the world. Our Surplus Equipment Catalog includes casing, tubing and wellhead equipment; separators; dehydrators; compressors; line heaters; knockouts; treaters; generators; tanks; bullets; refrigeration skids; heat exchangers; skidded buildings; amine/sweetening skids; and many others. Visit our online Surplus Equipment Catalog.

For over 25 years oil & gas companies all over the world have trusted International Oilfield Equipment Brokers to source and sell their Surplus oil and gas equipment and OCTG. IOEB staff average 25 years in the industry in the areas of production, processing, compression, purchasing, control systems, fabricating, field startups and operations, junior oil & gas company executive management, equipment brokering, international sales, inventory management and data collection.

Source Equipment through IOEB

  • We have the resources and contacts to source whatever you need – quickly
  • Over 2000 items and over $100 million in equipment inventory in our online Surplus Equipment Catalog, which is updated continuously
  • Exclusive agreements with many oil & gas companies to sell their Surplus assets
  • Exclusive agreements with many fabricators, manufacturers, and distributors to sell their overstock

Sourcing your equipment through IOEB can reduce your costs AND decrease your time to production.

 Sell Your Surplus Equipment through IOEB

  • Selling your Surplus assets through IOEB will generate revenue AND reduce expenses (property taxes, boilers branch fees, storage fees, etc.).
  • Defined commission rates
  • Over 2.5 million hits/year on our website from buyers and sellers
  • 6 sales reps, 2 offices (Calgary, AB; Nisku, AB)

Selling your Surplus equipment with IOEB can free you up to focus on your core business, while we generate cash for you by monetizing your Surplus assets.

Trust IOEB to locate what you need and sell what you don’t

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