Asset Management

Asset Management

The best oilfield equipment in the world won’t help you if you don’t know you own it or know where it is.

Asset Management – JEDEX Equipment

JEDEX Equipment provides Asset Management inventory control system solutions for oil & gas companies of any size. We deliver unmatched expertise in providing equipment visibility and information using best-in-class fixed asset equipment audit processes and software. Our experience and oilfield equipment knowledge enable you to efficiently and effectively track, manage, redeploy and monetize your controllable assets.

Our field auditors capture complete equipment specs and tag your equipment with industry-recognized unique ID numbers. This enables you to quickly identify each of your equipment items even if you move them to other locations. JEDEX also provides equipment appraisal services using our accredited Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPA) appraisers.

Using our Asset Management / inventory Control System (AMiCS™) software, JEDEX can implement a secure online Asset Management system that catalogs exactly what equipment you have as well as the precise location, status, details, condition and Fair Market Value of each piece of equipment. The result is streamlined redeployment – and major cost savings, plus freeing up capital through selling the newly identified Surplus assets.

The tax and financial implications of Idle equipment are significant. JEDEX will help find ways to ensure you’re no longer paying provincial Boilers Branch fees on equipment you no longer own or taxes on equipment that’s not generating revenue. You will also know the proper value of your equipment, backed up by asset records and photographs to ensure correct insurance coverage.

If your company is not yet ready for AMiCS™, but you have a large amount of Surplus and Idle equipment that you would like to redeploy or sell, then AMiCS™ T1GER (Tier 1 Gas & oil Equipment Resource) is your solution.

AMiCS™ T1GER is an online members-only surplus equipment tool exclusively designed for companies to make visible all their Surplus high-end items, including pictures, complete specifications, documents, drawings and invoices – all in one database. The AMiCS™ T1GER online database is available to valid member password holders 24/7.

Member companies identify to JEDEX their Surplus assets for sale, and provide all relevant documentation, drawings, etc. JEDEX creates an equipment record for each item and posts the record to the AMiCS™ T1GER database. Once your equipment information is entered into AMiCS™ T1GER, it is viewable by your company employees for possible redeployment, and by other member companies for possible purchase. In this members-only community, Tier 1 companies deal directly with eachother when buying and selling equipment.