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Buying Equipment – International Oilfield Equipment Brokers (IOEB)

Oilfield equipment on-demand
IOEB understands that for oilfield equipment buyers, “how soon?” is just as important as “how much?” When you need a piece of equipment, you need it now. We have the contacts, capability and comprehensive Surplus oil & gas equipment database to source whatever you need, and the expertise to recommend the right equipment configuration for your specific application.

Surplus Equipment Catalog
Our public oil & gas Surplus Equipment Catalog features new and used oil & gas exploration, process, compression and production equipment and products. This database displays all the Surplus equipment available from our customers in real time with equipment being added or removed daily as our customers release for sale or redeploy their assets. Each asset record is identified by a unique 8-digit ID number and contains pictures and detailed operating specifics that will assist in your equipment selection process.

New equipment available
IOEB’s commitment to sourcing exactly what you need includes new equipment as well. We have access to new equipment at dealer discounts from reputable manufacturers and fabricators. From OCTG to sales pipeline, from compressors to fired equipment, from rotating mechanicals to process packages, and everything in between.

We are the number one source for all your oil & gas production equipment needs.

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