Field Inventory Audits

Know What You Have Before You Buy Something You Don’t Need… Or Sell Something You Do.

Field Inventory Audits

JEDEX has inventoried hundreds of thousands of equipment pieces for our clients all over Western Canada, including well sites, facilities, bone yards, vendor yards, and other storage locations. Throughout that time we have developed proven, repeatable, sustainable and scalable processes and tools to provide best-in-class deliverables.

Our team of experienced field auditors (average 25 years oil & gas industry experience) is very familiar with all equipment types and very thorough in their work. Our standard process involves planning our field work approach, visiting all necessary field, vendor, contractor and storage sites, adhering to customer safety requirements, taking specific digital photographs of the equipment, and using our proprietary copyrighted datasheets – carry out a comprehensive physical inventory of all controllable assets, including assessing the condition of each asset using PASC (Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada) Material Condition Guidelines. We also affix all-weather, unique identification tags to all assets with serial numbers. These unique tag numbers allow our customers to identify and track their equipment.

Working with the customer’s materials management team, we catalog the assets in an organized and consistent manner and create a detailed inventory record for each asset that includes all available document and drawing attachments. This custom-built equipment catalog is online, password protected and available to authorized users 24/7.

Once you discover the value, location, condition and description of all your surface equipment, you will be able to redeploy equipment you already have to bring on production sooner.

After we inventory and catalog their equipment, customers usually discover approximately 15% of their total equipment inventory is available for redeployment or disposition.

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