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IOMS Group of Companies
The International Oilfield Group of Companies helps customers with their oil & gas equipment acquisition, inventory, management, valuation, appraisal, redeployment and disposition needs.

Consulting & Purchasing Services
International Oilfield Management Services (IOMS)
IOMS is an oil & gas consulting company that evaluates your company’s asset management methodology and makes recommendations to streamline processes, reduce wasted time, money and resources, and monetize Surplus assets. We also provide contract purchasing services.

Asset Acquisition & Disposition Services
International Oilfield Equipment Brokers (IOEB)
IOEB sources and sells all types of oil & gas equipment for all types of applications, budgets and customers.

For over 25 years we have helped customers decrease time to production and save money by sourcing Surplus assets. We also help companies generate cash and reduce expenses by selling their Surplus equipment.

We source new, unused, refurbished and used equipment for our customers from our extensive online database of Surplus equipment from western Canadian oil & gas companies as well as from energy companies, manufacturers and fabricators, including casing, tubing and wellhead equipment; separators; dehydrators; compressors; line heaters; knockouts; treaters; generators; tanks; bullets; refrigeration skids; heat exchangers; skidded buildings; amine/sweetening skids; and many others.  Visit our online Surplus Equipment Catalog.

Asset Inventory, Management, Appraisal & Services
JEDEX Equipment & AMiCS™
JEDEX is the market leader in oil & gas Asset Management solutions for controllable production equipment. We inventory your equipment, provide valuations and create a comprehensive and secure online database, providing a proven way for our customers to redeploy and manage fixed assets, save property taxes and convert Surplus assets to cash.

International Oilfield Management Services Group Of Companies